KRAS Mutation-Specific TCR-T Cells are Empowered for Improved Multi-Functionality & Durability by Inclusion of a Costimulatory Switch Protein

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day Two


  • Generation of 3S TCRs from naïve repertoires of healthy donors that recognize KRASspecific mutations (mKRAS) display high specificity, high sensitivity and an excellent safety profile in recognition of mKRAS-expressing tumour cells
  • Co-expression of a PD1-41BB Costimulatory Switch Protein (CSP) armors TCR-T cells against PD-L1-mediated inhibition and enhances multiple cellular functions through intracellular activation of the 41BB costimulatory pathway, enabling TCR-T cells to function better in a hostile tumour microenvironment
  • Our automated method of producing enriched CD8+ TCR-T cells yields Drug Products with enhanced capacity to proliferate and persist upon repeated encounter with PD-L1- expressing tumour cells, supporting important parameters associated with durability