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NEC Bio B.V. was founded in 2023 and is developing Al-empowered personalized neoantigen targeting cancer vaccines as well as prophylactic infectious disease vaccines. Its subsidiary NEC Oncolmmunity AS (Oslo, Norway) is a leader in proprietary machine learning algorithms and data to predict antigen presentation and immunogenicity. The software is applied to the selection of patient specific targets in immuno-oncology clinical trials and to the identification of epitope targets for infectious diseases. NEC Bio Therapeutics (Mannheim, Germany) is conducting clinical trials with its proprietary oral bacteria-based DNA vaccination platform targeting personalized neoantigens in solid tumor patients. Along with other collaborations, NEC Bio is collaborating with Transgene on the virus-based personalized neoantigen product TG4050 in clinical trials in head and neck cancer.

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Almac has been supplying peptides to the research community and for clinical trials for > 20 years. The field of personalised cancer vaccines requires a new manufacturing paradigm to ensure high throughput manufacture of multiple neoantigens in an appropriate timescale to the required quality and regulatory standards. Almac has created a unique offering to meet all of those demands, which can be tailored to meet specific client needs. Think Almac for peptide excellence.





At Personalis, our mission is to transform the active management of cancer through personalised testing. For personalised cancer therapies (PCT), ImmunoID NeXT™ powers individualised neoantigen-based therapy design, with NeXT Personal™ providing therapy response monitoring (e.g. an early indication of efficacy). NeXT Personal is designed to detect disease recurrence earlier than ever before, and to monitor ctDNA kinetics with unparalleled sensitivity, driving patient stratification, and enhancing biomarker strategy for drug development. We are driving a new paradigm for cancer management, guiding care from biopsy through the life of the patient, delivering advanced insights, even as cancer evolves over time.




BCN Peptides, based in Barcelona, is a privately held company focused on the GMP industrial manufacture of bioactive peptides for pharmaceutical and veterinary applications. With over 30 years of experience, our GMP-approved facility focuses on 3 areas of activity: generic peptide synthesis, customized new chemical entities, and production of GMP neoantigen peptides for personalized medicine.

Our Peptide-based Personalized Medicine Laboratory (PPM Lab) has been designed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet the unique requirements of neoantigens production. The implementation of automatization systems, together with a fit-for-purpose quality system allows for high-speed production under official GMP certification and complete traceability of the entire process.




Your trusted end-to-end provider of personalized peptide cancer vaccines with 30+ years in peptide synthesis. With expanding facilities for GMP peptide manufacturing and aseptic fill and finish, we offer full peptide drug development: customized research-grade peptides, peptide drug substance and peptide drug product. In combination with our unmatched customer-service and manufacturing speed, you will execute your personalized vaccine trial faster with less worries. Simply contact us for a truly end-to-end peptide trial solution.





Seqalis is a Belgian Contract Research Organization. We call upon our state-of-the-art platforms such as a quantitative TCR Seq seamless analysis solution, several complementary cytogenomics technologies for the control of the genomic stability and the integrity of ATMPs and an anatomo-pathology service to provide our clients with top-notch analytical solutions in the neoantigen cancer vaccines and immuno-oncology fields.




PathoQuest is a global CRO providing NGS-based Quality Control testing through its iDTECT® platform of assays for rapid and safe release of biotherapies to patients.

Validated and accepted GMP assays for viral safety and genetic characterization of raw materials, cell and gene therapies, mAbs & vaccines.

Testing available in Paris (France) and in Wayne PA.

For more information, visit www.pathoquest.com



Beacon are a clinical trial and pipeline database solution designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals. They track targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth, and real-time information in the rapidly evolving drug development landscape. Join the leading pharma and biotech companies leveraging this cutting-edge resource to make informed decisions and drive their success.