8:00 am Morning Coffee & Light Breakfast

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Supercharging Neoantigen Vaccine Platforms Towards Patients in Need by Optimising Design & Delivery for More Potent Therapies

9:00 am Bringing Novel Class of Vaccine Targets into Development – Camyopeptides Derived from Tumour-Specific IncRNAs

  • Bruno Fant Chief Technology Officer, myNEO Therapeutics


  • Results from the profiling of over 1500+ tumour biopts and neoantigen landscapes
  • First glance at immunological responses revealing first-in-class potential of shared tumor targets
  • Designing the mRNA-LNP cancer vaccine

9:30 am Optimising RNA/DNA-based Vaccine Design by Identifying Key Characteristics to Ensure Success of the Therapy


  • How to improve immune responses by targeting epitopes to antigen presenting cells
  • Impact of neoepitope arrangement on immunogenicity and expression/secretion
  • How to effectively compile the sequences, is it more effective to split the load or to add all the sequences in one molecule?

10:00 am Design of Viral Vectored Vaccines Targeting Multiple Tumour Neoantigens to Elicit Potent & Effective Anti-tumour Immune Response


  • Design of a potent heterologous prime/boost vaccination platform based on viral vectors (non-human Great Ape Adenovirus and MVA) encoding an unprecedented number of tumour neoantigens
  • Demonstrating induction of strong and high-quality T cell immune response in vaccinated patients
  • Dissecting the contribution of vaccine-induced T cells to clinical responses

10:30 am Unlocking Novel Delivery Approaches for More Targeted Neoantigen Delivery to Improve Effectiveness of the Immunotherapy


  • Exploring the most targeted delivery platforms for vaccines
  • Quantitative and qualitative aspects of anti-Tumour T-cell response
  • What are the recent advancements into intratumoural delivery for neoantigen vaccines?

11:00 am Morning Networking Break & Scientific Poster Session

Illuminating Shared Neoantigen Therapies to Induce More Durable & Robust Immunity in a Larger Patient Population

12:00 pm KRAS Mutation-Specific TCR-T Cells are Empowered for Improved Multi-Functionality & Durability by Inclusion of a Costimulatory Switch Protein


  • Generation of 3S TCRs from naïve repertoires of healthy donors that recognize KRASspecific mutations (mKRAS) display high specificity, high sensitivity and an excellent safety profile in recognition of mKRAS-expressing tumour cells
  • Co-expression of a PD1-41BB Costimulatory Switch Protein (CSP) armors TCR-T cells against PD-L1-mediated inhibition and enhances multiple cellular functions through intracellular activation of the 41BB costimulatory pathway, enabling TCR-T cells to function better in a hostile tumour microenvironment
  • Our automated method of producing enriched CD8+ TCR-T cells yields Drug Products with enhanced capacity to proliferate and persist upon repeated encounter with PD-L1- expressing tumour cells, supporting important parameters associated with durability

12:30 pm Neoepitopes Cancer Vaccine Monotherapy Positive Efficacy Randomized Phase 3 results in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Resistance to Immunotherapy


  • Tedopi is a tumour-specific activating immunotherapy based on highly-selected and optimized tumour neoepitopes
  • Positive clinical efficacy of Tedopi versus chemotherapy in a randomized Phase III trial in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in patients with secondary resistance after failure of checkpoint inhibitors: Significantly better survival: 44% overall survival at 1-year, versus 27% with chemotherapy; Significantly better safety profile: 3-fold less severe Grade 3-5 adverse events and significantly better quality of life.

1:00 pm Targeting Neoantigens with Invariant Natural Killer T Cells


  • MiNK therapeutics is developing iNKT-based allogeneic cell therapy products for cancer. Invariant Natural Killer T cells (iNKT) recognize glycolipids presented on CD1d through their invariant TCR.
  • iNKT cells can be engineered to stably express a 2nd TCR, and both TCRs are fully functional
  • We are developing a portfolio of phospho-peptide neoantigen-specific TCRs for iNKT-based applications

1:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Optimising Combination Therapies by Deep Diving into Mechanism of Action & Combination Strategies for More Successful, Effective & Safer Therapeutics

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Evaluating Different Combination Strategies to Develop More Effective Cancer Treatments for Curing the Patients in Need


  • Which of the current state of the art immunotherapies are likely to combine well with neoantigen therapies?
  • Beyond checkpoint inhibitors, what combinations seem the most promising?
  • Are there certain combinations which work better for different stages of cancer?
  • Discussing combining neoantigen therapies with PD-L1 therapies, chemotherapies and immunoglobins.

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:00 pm Delving into the Mechanism of Action of Neoantigen Antibodies to Aid the Development of Highly Effective Combination Strategy Towards More Successful Therapies


  • What is the mechanism of action of a neoantigen antibody being used in combination?
  • How to effectively use the neoantigen antibody, should it be applied before the checkpoint inhibitor or after?
  • Would it be beneficial to combine with more than one other approach?

4:30 pm Multitargeted Self-Replicating RNA for Off-The-Shelf Cancer Precision Immunotherapeutics


  • Replicate Bioscience’s self-replicating RNA platform supports a unique and powerful approach to preventing and reversing the emergence of common acquired resistance mutations
  • Using multigenic self-replicating RNA we have created precision immunotherapeutics that can be dosed in combination with SOC approved cancer agents, thus maintaining selective pressure on the tumour
  • Mechanistically, the combination of the Replicate immunotherapy and the SOC creates a lose-lose situation wherein wild-type tumour clones are controlled by the SOC treatment and resistance mutant positive clones die by the precision immunotherapeutic. We term this synthetic immune lethality

5:00 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of the 7th International Neoantigen Summit 2024